What is SceneGraph?

SceneGraph is Roku's new programming framework for developing applications. It replaces Roku's "Legacy" framework (also known as "SDK1") which will stop working on January 1, 2019. Instant TV Channel uses SceneGraph internally. When using Instant TV Channel is it not necessary for you to use SceneGraph directly.

As of July 1, 2017 Roku only accepts new SceneGraph channels for inclusion in the on-screen Roku Channel Store. Roku will remove older Legacy / SDK1 channels from the Roku Channel Store around January 1, 2019.

Instant TV Channel Classic, Vertical, Grid and Series channel types all use Roku's older Legacy / SDK1 framework. The newer Instant TV Channel SceneGraph channel type uses Roku's new SceneGraph framework.

New channels should be configured as a SceneGraph channel. New channels configured as other channel types can only be used as Private or Non-Certified channels and cannot appear in the on-screen Roku Channel Store.

Existing Legacy / SDK1 channels can be converted to SceneGraph channels by using the Update button on the "Channels" page.

Some features are not yet available in SceneGraph channel types:

  • Vertical Lists (available in U419)
  • Passwords (available in U416)
  • Registration & Linking (available in U425)
  • Intro/Splash Video (can be implemented using autoplay instead) (available in U428)
  • Subtitles (available in U426)
  • Banner Ads (available in U430)
  • Vidillion "DAG" Ads
  • Brightcove CDN (available in U413)
  • Viddler CDN
  • Vzaar CDN (available in U410)
  • CloudFront (available in U414)

The Roku Developer Documentation website has additional information about SceneGraph.

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