Compatibility with Legacy Roku Devices

Roku devices manufactured before July 2011, refered to as "Legacy" devices, have an older version of built-in software that is incompatible with channels developed for newer Roku devices.

Legacy Roku Models N1000 N1050 N1100 N1101

Legacy Roku Models 2000 2050 2100

In order to use Instant TV Channel with Legacy devices, some of the newer features must be turned off or not used. Here's how to do that:

  1. Disable Roku Advertising Framework

    RAF or "Roku Advertising Framework" allows Commercial channel types to generate revenue by playing video advertisments provided by Roku. A channel with RAF code present will crash (return to the home screen) when launched in a Legacy device. To remove the RAF code from a channel you must change the Theme IncludeRAF parameter to "False", then re-package and re-upload the Pkg file to your Roku Developer Account.
  2. Don't use In-Channel Purchasing or In-Channel Upgrades

  3. Legacy Roku devices do not support In-Channel Purchases or In-Channel Upgrades. Using these features in a channel that is launched from a Legacy Roku device will not crash the channel, but the purchase or the upgrade will not work as expected.
  4. Don't Use Scroll Bars in Text Screens

    Legacy Roku devices do not support scroll bars in text screens. On Legacy devices the scroll bars will not appear, and if large amounts of text are used then some of the text may not be visible.
  5. Small Icons in Vertical Lists are Not Displayed

    Legacy Roku devices ignore the SDSmallIconUrl and HDSmallIconUrl parameters for items within Vertical Lists.

It is not possible to install new public channels on Legacy devices, as Roku is no longer updating the channel store for Legacy devices.

Want the basics about working with Instant TV Channel? Check out this Quick 5-Minute Walk-Through for help.


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